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Are your teeth discoloured and making you feel like hiding your smile? Food, tobacco and alcohol can all cause your teeth to become stained, but we can reverse this without removing enamel. Olive Dental Practice in Saxmundham offers a teeth whitening service that will get you smiling again.


Based in Saxmundham we are in easy reach of Wrentham, Stradbroke and Woodbridge.

You may even find that you just need a scale and polish service to restore your teeth. Our professional and honest staff has your dental health as their priority and they will offer honest advice tailored to you.


We can give you dietary advice on what is bad for your teeth and provide other dental services from routine checks, oral hygiene and other cosmetic dental work. For any enquiries please contact Olive Dental Practice today.

For teeth whitening and bleaching in Saxmundham call us on:

01728 602 537

Get a sparkling smile with teeth whitening by the experts.

"The staff are all so friendly and professional. The waiting room is light, airy and comfortable."


- Testimonial from a patient